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Class Schedule


Foundations of Science begins immediately in the small sections on the first day of Semester 2 - January 12. The schedule includes the two six-week disciplinary case studies, followed by the two weeks of the grand challenge. An outline of the schedule is shown below, in block format. The slightly longer case studies will be designed to build on the growing skills of our Foundations of Science students, and engage them deeply in studying the state of science in two different fields during the semester.

The exact schedule for Semester 2 is below. Each of the weeks in the five week units is designated with the Roman Numerals. Each instructor will provide a detailed breakdown of their 6-week section at the beginning of the first class.

Week Date Comment
1 12-Jan Ia - Begin units
15-Jan Ib
2 19-Jan Iia
22-Jan Iib
3 26-Jan IIIa
29-Jan IIIb
4 2-Feb Iva
5-Feb Ivb
5 12-Feb Va
16-Feb Vb
6 19-Feb Via
22-Feb Recess week
26-Feb Recess week
7 1-Mar Ia - Begin units
4-Mar Ib
8 8-Mar Iia
11-Mar Iib
9 15-Mar IIIa
18-Mar IIIb
10 22-Mar Iva
25-Mar Good Friday
11 29-Mar Ivb
1-Apr Va
12 5-Apr Vb
8-Apr Via
12-Apr Grand Challenge
15-Apr Grand Challenge
19-Apr Grand Challenge
22-Apr Grand Challenge
26-Apr Poster Fair


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